Most Improved Pub - Criteria

The pub should have improved in a variety of areas within the last year, these would include some of the following: an improvement to the quality of the beer & Cider, adding to the current offering, enhancing the pubs community or charity focus. Making the pub more welcoming and comfortable for all users. Becoming more involved with Chelmsford CAMRA.

  • Improvement to quality of Beer and cider - better beer scores and recommendations from members.
  • Improving on offering- improving variety of beers, adding extra beers or adding a cider.
  • Enhancing community or charity focus-supporting charity events, adding events such as festivals, music, new clubs or pub games.
  • Welcoming - a change of staff, adding or improving the pub inside or outside, making the pub more comfortable and accessible for all.
  • CAMRA - Happy to display CAMRA publicity and to join in with events like Mild May. Promote Real ale and cider, beer colour samples on pumps, have a local ale, offer samples.